Storefront Xyloto theme, how to add the currently playing track title to the music player.

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I was asked, “Is there a way to have the active/playing track or file name visible in the sidebar?’ It turns out this is very easy. A simple PHP edit and a small about of css and you are done. A five minute job. First add track title to the PHP Luckily the player includes […]

Storefront Xyloto theme, remove the Products in the “XYZ” category text.

Very short post here for the folks using the awesome new Xyloto theme from Storefront Themes. Yes I work for them I know, but it really is pretty awesome. The questions. “At the top of the category pages it says Products in the “XYZ” Category. I just want the Category name, where do I change […]

WP e-Commerce bug, product category pages sometimes show a product name as page title

Time to fix a bug. It seems that in recent updates a bug appeared that means some Product Category pages will show a seemingly random Product name as the Title. Some say it is the latest product added in that category, who has the time to investigate. We just want it fixed. This fix is […]