Storefront Original theme, change the height of Carousel images in the homepage

The question My products are books, so I need rectangular images. I found ways to do that for product pages and Gridview, but not the Carousel, they are square. How can I change the height of the images in the Carousel? Answer The Carousel images are in fact set to be 120 x 120 pixels. […]

Storefront themes “Gridport” theme, change the size of the blog thumbnail

Change the size of thumbnail that appears on the Grdidport Blog page. The change here is for the thumbnails you see when you click blog on your menu or click a blog category and see a list of posts. These are created when you set a image to be “featured image” in your post. to […]

WP e-Commerce, adding a product image

You need to know ALL of the steps This is not hard but you must follow all of the steps. Some people jump right in, uploading images and miss crucial parts of the process. Then they wonder why they have extra thumbnails or small images etc. So here it is, the basic steps with screenshots. […]

WP e-Commerce – image size and what do all the settings do?

Part 2. So you have read all the cerebral artistic and sales theory of part 1, time to get technical and practical. We left off talking about aspect ratio’s. There is one golden rule that you shall not violate when producing images for your WP e-Commerce shop. All of the images you upload must have […]

WP e-Commerce – how do I choose an image size and what do all the settings do?

There are really two parts to this problem, the considerations involved in choosing a good image size and the technical issues involved in implementing your plan.  I will cover this in two posts, this first one will deal with choosing your aspect ratio.  Part 2 will cover putting your decision into action in WP e-commerce. […]