Storefront Echo theme, ‘Latest Products’ text above homepage carousel will not change.

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The Problem When using Storefront Themes, Echo theme you can go to Storefront Options Panel/Text Above Carousel Tab and enter some text in the “Text Above Carousel” field. If you are using the Jigoshop e-commerce plugin everything is fine and you see your text on your homepage. If you are using WP e-Commerce or Woocommerce […]

Translating Storefront Themes

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How to translate a Storefront theme Hi this is the very beginning of an article on translating Storefront Themes e-Commerce themes. I will be adding more detail and screenshots to help soon. I will also start a collection of translated files for download. Volunteer Help out the Storefront community. If you have the skills in […]

Add an Accordion menu for mobile devices to the Storefront Echo theme

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My menus go off the screen, how can I have a multi-level menu on a small screen? Storefronts Echo theme is designed to be responsive as the current hip jargon goes. That is to say the layout changes to adapt to different devices and screen sizes. Designing for small screens, meaning mobile devices means juggling […]

WP e-Commerce add the Variation price to the Variation selector

The question “Is there was a way to display the price of each variation next to it in the drop down menu, that would be great?” I actually thought this would be quite difficult and involve hacking on the core plugin files. I hunted around in the plugin files without any luck. Then I took […]