WP e-Commerce make $0.00 items say “Free” instead

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The question Is there an option to hide the price when it is $0.00 or change it to say Free?. Answer The code below is basically a minor variation from this post which would be a good guide to doing this in the Storefront Themes Elegance theme. This example is for the Storefront themes Original […]

Storefront Edge theme, add Search box to the top of the page

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The Storefront themes Edge theme lacks a integrated search box which means you have to add search via a widget. This makes Edge users a little envious of the other themes. So lets soothe those egos. The PHP You will need to add a couple of lines to header.php which you will find in the […]

Add a Pinterest button to the WP e-Commerce Facebook & Twitter buttons, no plugins.

I was asked “Is there a way to have a Pinterest button in the same location as the built in Facebook and Twitter buttons that come with WP e-Commerce. I can use a plugin but I want it to sit with the other buttons and match the existing ones” The question was in relation to […]

Storefront Edge theme, change homepage Latest Products thumbnail size.

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Why are the thumbnails in the Homepage Latest Products grid badly cropped? Storefront themes Edge theme has two possible home page layouts. The Homepage #2 Template has a grid area below the slider titled “Latest Products”. This displays a grid of thumbnails showing, you guessed it, the most recently added products. Max 2 rows of […]

Storefront themes Boutique, Edge and Elegance, Original, move the price in grid view

Storefront Themes Boutique Theme overlays the price on your product thumbnail in grid view. Maybe you don’t want it there at all. Maybe you would like it in another location. Some combination of the following collection of CSS will allow most alternatives. NOTE: The Edge theme does the same thing, all of this code applies […]

Edge theme by Storefront Themes: that extra grey Mastercard icon

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This is a very short post of interest mainly to users of the Edge theme made by Storefront Themes add a Mastercard icon to the Edge theme footer There have been requests for a mastercard icon to add to the greyscale icons in the footer of the theme. ¬†You can use this appropriately sized one. […]