Storefront themes, Boutique theme, add a right sidebar to your blog

Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Blog, Boutique, Storefront Themes | One Comment

The question Here’s my issue: I want my blog page to actually LOOK like a blog, instead of like another store page. But because it’s just a page with posts, it doesn’t really look like a blog, and it doesn’t really function like a blog. Answer This is not too hard but does involve editing […]

WP e-Commerce: add a product category grid to your themes homepage.

The question Is there any way on the front page; under the sliding rotator to display the products (I only have 6) in a grid 3×2? This was in relation to using the Storefront themes Boutique theme, but this example will work on most themes although the exact location you insert the PHP will vary. […]

Storefront themes Boutique, Edge and Elegance, Original, move the price in grid view

Storefront Themes Boutique Theme overlays the price on your product thumbnail in grid view. Maybe you don’t want it there at all. Maybe you would like it in another location. Some combination of the following collection of CSS will allow most alternatives. NOTE: The Edge theme does the same thing, all of this code applies […]