Storefront Designer theme, make the products page image link to the single product page

Posted by on Jul 10, 2012 in Blog, Designer, Storefront Themes, WP e-Commerce | One Comment

The question A very specific post for the Storefront Themes Designer theme, the question was can the user be sent to the single product page when they click the product image on te products page or a category page. The default behavior is to open the image in a lightbox. The lightbox should only work […]

WP e-Commerce bug, product category pages sometimes show a product name as page title

Time to fix a bug. It seems that in recent updates a bug appeared that means some Product Category pages will show a seemingly random Product name as the Title. Some say it is the latest product added in that category, who has the time to investigate. We just want it fixed. This fix is […]

Designer theme by Storefront Themes: add links to slider images

Another short post on a very specific topic. If you are a user of the Designer theme by Storefront Themes read on. I am often asked can I make the images in the slider clickable links just like the buttons The answer is yes. You will need to do one simple PHP edit. If you […]