Add a giftwrap checkbox and instruction field to your child theme woocommerce

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Code for a giftwrap checkbox and input field on woocommerce checkout This code will add a checkbox and input field to woocommerce checkout. It will also add it to the orders page in the backend AND the thank you page after checkout PLUS the email the customer receives after ordering. It took me a while […]

Add login and logout to menu for woocommerce

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There are a couple of ways you can do this. I like this as it adds the login and logout as 1 menu item, the state of which changes if the user is logged in or not. The code below is from a git, Credit to Kloon. I made a slight update as “woocommerce_get_page_id” is […]

Add a wrapper div to Woocommerce Single Product page without editing plugin files

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The problem I was re-arranging the items on my themes Woocommerce Single Product page. See the info panel at the end of this post for more on that. I realized that the various sections with description, price, add to cart button etc would flow independently when the browser was resized. This may be desirable in […]

Add, remove, re-order items on Woocommerce single product page

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The title says it all. This is not a thorough tutorial. Just some handy code with a very quick explanation. I was working with the free MyStile theme from Woothemes (v1.3.0) and Woocommerce (v2.1.7) on WordPress 3.9. This solution should work for most themes I believe, although I can not guarantee it. Remove Woocommerce items […]

Remove Tabs but keep product description in Woocommerce

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The problem. A client did not like the Tabs on Woocommerce Single product pages. The ones that include product description, Product specifications if you have entered any and product reviews. That is easy, a single line of code will remove all of the tabs (see below), but she still wanted to display the product description. […]

Remove WooCommerce styles and scripts

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This is not a tutorial, more a record of a handy bit of code. You may not want to remove all of this in a real world scenario, although you never know. More likely there will be a particular script and css that you wish to remove as I did in this tutorial on using […]

Use a different Lightbox with Woocommerce

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At first it seemed it should be pretty easy to change the lightbox used by Woocommerce to display the product images. Well it was not as simple as I thought so I decided to record the solution in a post for others. Why would you want to change the lightbox? Well there are a few […]

Temporarily close your WP e-Commerce store

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The question Everyone needs a break and not all of you are giant companies. Some of you are small one or two person operations making gorgeous things with love. I received this question about the online store of one such artisan manufacturer, ‘Coco Suisse” whose chocolates are awesome by the way…. “I’m actually taking off […]

WP e-Commerce and GoldCart replace $0.00 prices with message.

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The question I’ve been searching for some code so that if the price is £0.00, then a piece of text along the lines of ‘Price on application’ is pulled through. I have found this post on your site and attempted to make it work. I think the different plugin versions mean that I can’t get […]

WP e-Commerce: add a product category grid to your themes homepage.

The question Is there any way on the front page; under the sliding rotator to display the products (I only have 6) in a grid 3×2? This was in relation to using the Storefront themes Boutique theme, but this example will work on most themes although the exact location you insert the PHP will vary. […]