Returning Arrays in PHP, a simple example

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This one is just a little post for myself really. It may be handy for someone else. WordPress will often store data in Array in PHP. When you go to return something back by name you just get the result ‘Array’ Not very helpful. First to create the array To return all of the items […]

CSS for using small caps, text figures etc. font-feature-settings

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Credit This is not so much an article as a handy store of this information for myself. There are specific situations where small caps and text figures are appropriate. For a discussion of that see this excellent article by Dmitry Fadeyev from which this code was extracted for my use. This may not be the […]

Changing URL’s in your database after migrating a WordPress site

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The problem After you migrate a site to a new location or use WordPress Export/Import to import some posts to a site the URL’s of files such as images still point to the original site. After migration the task is to update all the posts and custom fields to the URL of the production site. […]

Add a wrapper div to Woocommerce Single Product page without editing plugin files

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The problem I was re-arranging the items on my themes Woocommerce Single Product page. See the info panel at the end of this post for more on that. I realized that the various sections with description, price, add to cart button etc would flow independently when the browser was resized. This may be desirable in […]

WordPress From 10,000 ft.

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How does it work? It is surprising how long many people have worked with WordPress without really having a basic understanding of how it actually works under the hood.┬áThe goal of this post is to provide a broad overview of how WordPress works with different technologies from a non-techie perspective. This is not about what […]

WP_Query how to display posts from a specific Category

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I received a question about how to display posts from a specific category. You may want to do this in a newspaper style layout or just to show a featured category on your homepage. You need to use WP_Query There are 2 numbers in the line of code highlighted below which are the arguments we […]

Build a better WP e-Commerce user registration experience

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The problem If you want users to be able to register on your site in WP e-Commerce you need to set Settings/Store/Checkout tab “Users must register before checking out:” to YES. This has some drawbacks. You are forcing your users to register. I know I personally do not like that and often just leave the […]

WP e-Commerce my site is slow, it’s your host folks!

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My site is really slow what can I do? I spend a lot of time talking to people who complain that their WP e-Commerce site is running awfully slow. They use plugins like WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. These are good plugins. People minify files. They use caching services like Cloudflare which is […]

WP e-Commerce, make $0.00 items show “Please request a quote” message

The question Is there an option to hide the prices (as it doesn’t really apply) on some products? or is there a way to use this solution: in the Elegance theme? Can it link to a contact/enquiry form. Answer Well hiding a price on a per product basis is possible with CSS but the […]