Thinking of finally building an online presence? Thinking of joining the wild new frontier of online commerce? Have some services to help your fellow citizens, or just have some thoughts you want to share with the world?

We can build you a site to make it all a reality. Something to suit your needs AND your budget. Flashy and exotic if you wish to entertain. Simple but powerful with a WordPress CMS (content management system) if constant change and updates is your thing. Need watch anywhere on any device video, the latest mobile experience? It is all possible.

We have considerable experience in building affordable e-commerce solutions. An online shop can be surprisingly easy with the WordPress and WP-ecommerce plugin solution. let us design and build it, then train you to keep it al running.

Already involved in building an E-Commerce solution for yourself but find yourself out of your depth or just needing help with a problem? Contact me me and save yourself days of banging your head on the keyboard!.

Do you want to update the WP-Ecommerce plugin and your theme? My fee starts at $100 for a straight upgrade, of course it will be more if it requires transition of custom PHP to the new site. I do not recommend transitioning your active online shop to a new version of WP-ecommerce without setting up a test site first. I can setup a test site with all of your content or teach you how to set one up on your local machine. I also advise against updating when a plugin update is first released.

Do you need to move your site to a new server? Nervous about losing your content? Hire some peace of mind, leave it to someone who has done it many times. I receive requests for this so often I have a set rate which will ease your mind and cause your wallet no pain.
set price to relocate a WordPress site to a new domain $50.