WP e-Commerce my site is slow, it’s your host folks!

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My site is really slow what can I do? I spend a lot of time talking to people who complain that their WP e-Commerce site is running awfully slow. They use plugins like WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. These are good plugins. People minify files. They use caching services like Cloudflare which is […]

WP e-Commerce, make $0.00 items show “Please request a quote” message

The question Is there an option to hide the prices (as it doesn’t really apply) on some products? or is there a way to use this solution: http://getshopped.org/forums/reply/reply-to-how-to-hide-the-price-if-zero-7/ in the Elegance theme? Can it link to a contact/enquiry form. Answer Well hiding a price on a per product basis is possible with CSS but the […]

Add a Pinterest button to the WP e-Commerce Facebook & Twitter buttons, no plugins.

I was asked “Is there a way to have a Pinterest button in the same location as the built in Facebook and Twitter buttons that come with WP e-Commerce. I can use a plugin but I want it to sit with the other buttons and match the existing ones” The question was in relation to […]

WP e-Commerce, when the ‘Same as Billing’ checkbox will not display on the checkout page!

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Strange little problem that drove me mad When you go to the WP e-Commerce Settings/Store/Checkout Tab at the top under miscellaneous Yes No radio buttons for “Enable Shipping Same as Billing Option:” Today I had a user ask me why when this was set to Yes the “Same as Billing: checkbox was not displayed above […]

Storefront Xyloto theme, how to add the currently playing track title to the music player.

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I was asked, “Is there a way to have the active/playing track or file name visible in the sidebar?’ It turns out this is very easy. A simple PHP edit and a small about of css and you are done. A five minute job. First add track title to the PHP Luckily the player includes […]

Storefront Elegance Theme, add navigation to the slider

I was asked if it was possible to add some some Navigation to the Slider It is possible to add Arrows fro Previous ans Next and Bullets for navigating to slides directly. It would be possible to add thumbnail navigation I believe but that becomes quite complicated as you need to change a bunch of […]

Proportional thumbnails in Storefront Elegance theme

The Problem In the Storefront Themes, Elegance theme the thumbnails below the single product page image are always square. This is good in some ways because if you have uploaded images of varying shapes to your product gallery the layout will still be neat. If you have followed my mantra of uploading all of your […]

WP e-Commerce, how to process $0.00 sales and 100% coupons which PayPal will not accept

The Problem I had a question recently about why a coupon was not being processed at the PayPal end. It turns out that PayPal will not process a $0.00 sale. If you have an item for $10.00 and a discount coupon for $10.00 the coupon is processed on the WP e-Commerce checkout page showing a […]

Storefront Elegance theme, add out of stock notice to grid view

Update: This post was updated August 31 2012 to fix an error in the code. Error was echo e_(‘Out of stock’ Correction echo _e(‘Out of stock’ Question: Is there a way to keep the product in category view but with text ‘sold’ instead of the price? With WP e-Commerce you have two options for out […]

Paginated search results

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The problem Search results only return as many as set in WordPress Settings/Reading “Blog pages show at most X posts” Solutions You could raise that number but in a e-Commerce situation that could be impractical if you also run a blog. The solution is to add pagination to the search results. Check out this link […]