WP e-Commerce bug, product category pages sometimes show a product name as page title

Time to fix a bug. It seems that in recent updates a bug appeared that means some Product Category pages will show a seemingly random Product name as the Title. Some say it is the latest product added in that category, who has the time to investigate. We just want it fixed. This fix is […]

Storefront “Elegance” theme, add a custom link to the header logo.

The hardcode way. The logo you upload via the Storefront Options panel/Style tab is by default a link to the root of your site. What if you want it to link to somewhere else? Well that is pretty simple but does involve a little PHP. Show no fear and jump in even if you have […]

Storefront “Elegance” Theme, how to remove the slider from the homepage.

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I have had a couple of people ask how to remove the slider from the homepage of Storefronts Elegance theme. So prepare to venture into some PHP code. This is really easy stuff, just removing a few lines, show no fear and jump in even if you have never done it before. New to PHP […]

Storefront Themes, “Elegance” theme, move cart and search to top of the page

Ok about time I wrote some step by step instructions for this I guess. You will end up with this http://thecraftcircle.com.au/ You will need to maintain the PHP file when there are theme updates so keep a copy of it and what changes you made. If you have never done this see the Tools note […]

Storefront themes Boutique, Edge and Elegance, Original, move the price in grid view

Storefront Themes Boutique Theme overlays the price on your product thumbnail in grid view. Maybe you don’t want it there at all. Maybe you would like it in another location. Some combination of the following collection of CSS will allow most alternatives. NOTE: The Edge theme does the same thing, all of this code applies […]