Add a giftwrap checkbox and instruction field to your child theme woocommerce

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Code for a giftwrap checkbox and input field on woocommerce checkout

This code will add a checkbox and input field to woocommerce checkout.
It will also add it to the orders page in the backend AND the thank you page after checkout PLUS the email the customer receives after ordering. It took me a while to track down all of these bits. I received a request for help so I am posting the code. If I get a chance I may add more explanation later.


* Add the fields to the checkout

add_action( 'woocommerce_after_checkout_billing_form', 'my_custom_checkout_field' );

function my_custom_checkout_field( $checkout ) {
   echo '<div class="my_gift_wrap_checkout_field"><h2>' . __('Gift wrap', 'woocommerce') .'</h2>';
   woocommerce_form_field( 'my_gift_wrap_checkbox', array(
'type'          => 'checkbox',
'class'         => array('checkbox_field'),
'label'         => __('Free gift wrapping? - Yes please!', 'woocommerce'),
'required'  => false,
), $checkout->get_value( 'my_gift_wrap_checkbox' ));

woocommerce_form_field( 'my_gift_wrap_field', array(

'type' => 'textarea',
   'label'      => __('Gift wrap instructions', 'woocommerce'),
   'placeholder'   => _x('Please enter any gift wrapping instructions. For example if you have multiple items in your order but only want 1 wrapped, or a special message to include.', 'placeholder', 'woocommerce'),
   'required'   => false,
   'class'      => array('form-row-wide'),
   'clear'     => true,
       ), $checkout->get_value( 'my_gift_wrap_field' ));

   echo '</div>';

* Update the order meta with fields values

add_action('woocommerce_checkout_update_order_meta', 'my_custom_checkout_field_update_order_meta' );

function my_custom_checkout_field_update_order_meta( $order_id ) {

      if ( ! empty( $_POST['my_gift_wrap_checkbox'] ) ) {
       update_post_meta( $order_id, 'my_gift_wrap_checkbox', $_POST['my_gift_wrap_checkbox'] );
      if ( ! empty( $_POST['my_gift_wrap_field'] ) ) {
       update_post_meta( $order_id, 'my_gift_wrap_field', $_POST['my_gift_wrap_field'] );

* Display fields on the order edit page

add_action('woocommerce_admin_order_data_after_billing_address', 'my_custom_checkout_field_display_admin_order_meta', 10, 1 );

function my_custom_checkout_field_display_admin_order_meta($order){

  if (get_post_meta( $order->id, 'my_gift_wrap_checkbox', true ) == 1){
	  echo '<p><strong>'.__('Gift wrap', 'woocommerce').': </strong> ' . __('Yes please!', 'woocommerce'). '</p>';
  } else {
	  echo '<p><strong>'.__('Gift wrap', 'woocommerce').': </strong> ' . __('No thank you', 'woocommerce'). '</p>';
  echo '<p><strong>'.__('Gift wrap instructions', 'woocommerce').': </strong> ' . get_post_meta( $order->id, 'my_gift_wrap_field', true ) . '</p>';

 * Add the fields to order emails and thank you page.
add_action( "woocommerce_email_after_order_table", "my_woocommerce_email_after_order_table", 10, 1);

/* add same function to run on after orders table for thank you page */
add_action( 'woocommerce_order_details_after_order_table', "my_woocommerce_email_after_order_table", 10, 1 );

function my_woocommerce_email_after_order_table( $order ) {
    $my_gift_wrap_checkbox = get_post_meta( $order->id, "my_gift_wrap_checkbox", true );
    $gift_wrap = $my_gift_wrap_checkbox ? __('Yes please!', 'woocommerce') : __('No thank you.', 'woocommerce');

    echo '<p><strong>Gift wrap?: </strong>' . $gift_wrap . '</p>';

    if ( $my_gift_wrap_checkbox ) {
        echo '<p><strong>Gift wrap instructions: </strong>' . get_post_meta( $order->id, "my_gift_wrap_field", true ) . '</p>';


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